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The Whoman

When you ask yourself the question, “Who am I,” it is against the backdrop of a collective human consciousness. No matter where you look on the globe, this is a seeking that has been occurring for thousands of years. I can only assume it is a question that will remain pertinent to our species til the end of time. However, it is a question that demands vulnerability, the kind that gets exploited by the insistent rationale of socially accepted thought (whatever this might be in your specific era). You are shaped and sculpted, perceived and assessed, concluded and revised, from the moment you step into this world. This is the greatest downfall of empirical thinking, it robs the human of the agency to continue asking, exploring, discovering, and seeking. This work, The Who-man, imagines a near-futurist laboratory of one such seeker. A post-anthropocentric survivor. The only abundant material left is trash, so that is what she must work with. The modern day caves - abandoned architectures, provide a workspace for her, and support the continued seeking of a, perhaps, insatiable question. 

(part of an ongoing series)

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