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My material is often composed of gears, cogs, wires, and many more inner workings of domestic household machines that we are used to upgrading and discarding. The plastic shells, metal frames, knotted wires, and broken chipboards, have transformed into my own personal type of clay to sculpt with. Trash is the new-age artist's most abundant material. We must acquaint ourselves with it.

The Whoman

This work imagines a near-futurist laboratory of a knowledge seeker. A post-anthropocentric survivor. The only abundant material left is trash, so that is what she must work with. The modern-day caves - abandoned architectures, provide a workspace for her and support the continued seeking of a, perhaps, insatiable question.  



Pulling from ideas of synchronicities and apophenia, this work has been an exploration into modeling the unpredictable and ephemeral nature of being and becoming.

Default Mode Network

Idolizing the remains of an electronic wasteland. Reminisces the cargo cult, with the additional craft of sculpting the god emblems and religious totems as a form of assemblage art. 


Unearthing unseen, unheard sounds. Singing the songs that are usually ignored by the narrow focus of sensory perception.


This series is an attempt at reimagining the way we perceive an object's surface appearance i.e. their ‘functionality’ or ‘aesthetic.’ An investigation into creating hypnotic and dreamy sonic sound art through up-cycled trash.

Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 11.12.09 AM.png

One of the many manifestations of my fascination with cymatics (the visualization of sound wave phenomena), this piece plays with sounds that cannot be usually perceived by human senses and amplifies them into different forms and mediums.


A visualization of the mind, trains of thought that take the form of sounds, distortions, shapes, leading lines, and looping movement.

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