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Seismic Song (1 and 2)

 Series of sound works using audio feedback through amplifiers (sound system), repurposed speakers, and found trash.

With multiple attempted forms of installation, “Seismic Song” functions as a self-sustained system of audio and kinetic interactions. Invisible sine waves become visible through vibrating scraps of metal, clay, and plaster. Sonic vibrations are then digitized and travel through the microphones, their wires, an amplifier system, and then finally out of speakers again, reverberating and resonating feedback onto pre-existing layers of sound. In the world of sensory perception, we have always been biased toward ‘seeing.’ Sound, in turn, always struck me as a medium that transcended physical spaces and visual matter. This piece occupies not only the tangible physical space but an inescapable 3-dimensional soundscape that the viewer is confronted with. Electronic trash and found objects work together with the audio landscape to mimic archeological artifacts that behold sentient behavior.

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