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Photo & Video

My photo and video work has mostly served as a medium of documentation for explorations in performance, character/costume design, and mark-making.

A renewed method of making and using yantras as a form of measurement or metric.

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 8.59.48 AM.png

An introductory video exploration of a long-term project exploring the phenomena of change and transition in a person's life.

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 11.16.15 AM.png

The post-anthropocentric survivor that lives off of the collective unconscious of a once thriving technological civilization, and its electronic trash remains.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 9.44.48 PM.png

Paralleling 'arbitrary' intuitive reasoning alongside 'legitimate' empirical methods to deduce patterns between things in the universe. 

Finding Patterns 4 (Final).tif

An endless cycle of awakening, the terror of unknowing, submission, and observation. 

Shortfilm Concept Still 4.tif

Everything is data- sound becomes vibration, vision becomes photons of light, and reality is funneled through this framework of the senses, leaving us with a trickle of understanding regarding the ecology around us.

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