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I have been composing my own original music since 2012, and have gotten the chance to perform, record, and distribute independently over the course of my life.

Streaming Platforms and Releases

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NPR Tiny Desk Contests

Nominated submissions for NPR Tiny Desk Contest, and others.

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Idolizing the remains of an electronic wasteland. Reminisces the cargo cult, with the additional craft of sculpting the god emblems and religious totems as a form of assemblage art. 

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ROAM (Ro + Aman)

Unearthing unseen, unheard sounds. Singing the songs that are usually ignored by the narrow focus of sensory perception.

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Live Performances

This series is an attempt at reimagining the way we perceive an object's surface appearance i.e. their ‘functionality’ or ‘aesthetic.’ An investigation into creating hypnotic and dreamy sonic sound art through up-cycled trash.

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