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Through my time in the USA, I got the opportunity to showcase some of my work at exhibitions around Sarasota, FL, and Richmond, VA. 

What if we hugged at the JC Penny?

A first-year MFA candidacy exhibition at an abandoned JC Penny was organized by the School of the Arts at VCU. 


Half and Half

A group exhibition from the Kinetic Imaging department at VCU showcased at the Murry N. Depillars Gallery.



BFA Thesis exhibition with Alé Salaman. 


Door in the Ceiling 

A group exhibition showcasing Fine Arts graduate's work from Ringling College of Art and Design at SPAACES gallery.


Best of Ringling (Showcase)

A curated exhibition showcasing works with awards from the Fine Arts department at Ringling College.

Screen Shot 2023-06-12 at 11.02.21 AM.png


An annual exhibition showcased at the Bishop Planetarium in Sarasota.

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