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An Artist's Compost

A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception. 

(Enders A. Robinson, ‎Dean Clark - 2017) 


Using Cymatics; the study of wave phenomena and its visualization, An Artist’s Compost combines organic material and sound to disrupt the viewer’s perceived sense of the world around them. Everything is data- sound becomes vibration, vision becomes photons of light, and reality is funneled through this framework of the senses, leaving us with a trickle of understanding regarding the ecology around us. 


Visually reactive software triggers familiar frequencies and the worlds of audio & visual are pushed into an inescapable 3-dimensional space. In this realm of ambiguity, the unseen communicates through collected foliage and discarded produce. An Abundance of data is seen as nutrients for the earth of this piece, and I present this soil to the viewer’s seeds of ideas. 


While invading the audience’s capacity to neglect and reject, this work explores challenging sensory gating and opening up to receive information that is compartmentalized and summarized by the brain. Start communicating and begin conversing with the dancing particles that are ever-present. 

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