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I am fascinated by my chaotic and unorganized stream of consciousness. The questioning of my mind translates into the questioning of sensory perception. rooted in bio-geographical experiences of my life in India, China, and the USA, The work then acts as a means to understand the hard science of data systems through a lens of spirituality and consciousness.


My material is often composed of gears, cogs, wires, and many more inner workings of domestic household machines that we are used to upgrading and discarding. The plastic shells, metal frames, and broken chipboards have transformed into my own personal type of clay to sculpt with. Because there is a naked presentation of the electrical components that are running the piece, a childlike inventiveness is revealed:  A contradiction of something broken producing something beautiful.


My body becomes a multiplied vessel, acting as a supplicant sometimes, a participant other times, a deity… a mutable entity that conforms to its surrounding context.


The sculpture and installation then blend with the dreamy digital world through film and performance. This interaction creates a constant reference to the intersection between machine and sentience, material and immaterial; between automatic and conscious actions.


Hardware and software are suddenly seen as more than just their technological components. They function as allegories to our own computational processes.


I look to - what Anil Seth refers to as, the philosophy of our “conscious reality being a projected hallucination by our neurological systems”. subjective perception blends with reality and reimagines a new unfamiliar world.


my studio exploration has catalyzed questions that I could spend the rest of my life trying to answer. The submission to unknowing feeds the processes of making my work while the renewed perception of all things human and nonhuman has guided my conceptual growth, As it becomes an increasingly adamant human right to be digitally connected, my systems and narratives raise the question of what roles technology plays in our lives and in the continual development of our consciousness and psychology.

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